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Savannah was born a perfect, healthy baby who grew into an adorable little girl that loves to play and pet puppies and can't wait to ride the bus to school.  But there's a problem.  When Savannah talks, her family understands her most of the time, but others who don't know her can't understand her very well.  It's affecting her in kindergarten too.  The teacher can't tell if she knows her letter names and letter sounds or not because of her unclear speech.  And the other kids don't want to play with her because they can't understand her.  Savannah's parents wish they would have known that early speech intervention could have helped with Savannah's readiness for school, making it easier for her to learn how to read and make friends.

Don't be like Savannah's parents.  Inquire now about early speech therapy with
Kinderspeech, LLC.

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